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GDFR High Speed T-Shirt Bag Making Machine

Usage and Features:

It is suitable for hot sealing and cutting printed or not printed HDPE LDPE plastic film.

Performance and Allocations:

1.   Especially designed for ho sealing and cutting of T-shirt bag. It can be punched automatically in two production line which will increase the production and save the worker.
2.   Photocell for accurate registration of film printing points if the photocell can`t catch printing point. The machine will stop automatically.
3.   Inverter control speed, easy operation, reduce electric consumption.
4.   Automatic stopping when run out of film.
5.   Strong sealing and output bags being tear up neatly.
6.   Punching machine used air and liquid pressurized cylinder, so the noise is low and the gas consumption is little.

GDFR High Speed T-Shirt Bag Making Machine
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