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GFA Dry Type Laminating Machine

Application and Features:

The machine is applied to double layer or multilayer lamination for various roll materials, such as plastic film, paper and aluminum foil, etc.
The machine is upgraded based on GF-A model. Mechanical structure is the same with GF-A model, but the electrical adopt advanced auto control circuit, such as double frequency inverters and auto tension, etc..

1.   Air-expansion shaft for first unwinding, second unwinding and rewinding.
2.   Double-photoelectric computer E.P.C system is installed at first unwinding.
3.   The tension of first unwinding and second unwinding is controlled by auto tension controller.
4.   Independent torque motor controls rewinding, with tension adjustable.
5.   Glue spreading by anilox roller, doctor blade from Switzerland, independent motor responsible for horizontal moving of blade holder.
6.   Double frequency speed adjustment technology, two Japan Yasukawa inverters, one for main motor and the other for gluing motor.
7.   Low friction pneumatic floating roller is installed at the entrance of oven and the film tension inside the oven is full auto controlled.
8.   Conductive oil heating inside laminating hot roller, with features of even temperature and power saving.
9.   Gluing pressing roller and laminating pressing roller adopt pneumatic pressure and the pressure is adjustable.
10.   Total length of oven is 7.5m. The inner guide rollers are shaped in arch, driven by chain actively.
11.   The oven is electric heating, divided into 3 sections, with temperature independent control.

GFA Dry Type Laminating Machine
GFA Dry Type Laminating Machine

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