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RD500Y Chicken Bag Making Machine


1.   The machine can make PE (LDPE) arc-shaped bags for packing food and PVC heat shrinkable bags for packing other easily broken goods.
2.   Adopt stepper motor, matched with the simple operation of micro-computer and the number controller with the numerical key, able to change various length of trans formation, economical manpower material resources.
3.   The hair side waste can be sliced automatically. The finished product completes only in ones, insuring the stable quality, boosting the competitiveness.
4.   The white bag can be worked in double line. It is equipped with the device which can collect and send the final products in piles.
5.   The signed photoelectric eye can track bag printing quality.

RD500Y Chicken Bag Making Machine
RD500Y Chicken Bag Making Machine

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