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RDY Triangle Flower Bag Making Machine


This machine is a multi-functional, high-quality hot-cutting seal bag machine, plastic flower bag making machine
This machine is controlled by the computer, there is frequency conversion that adjusts the speed, electric eye following, adjustable function of various specifications, easy to operate. Suitable for different bags such as flower bag, tie bag, umbrella wrapping bag, etc. To process.

Main features:

1.   This machine uses the liquid crystal computer to touch the screen control, may initialize the system bag speed, makes the bag length, establishes in advance approves/the inferior quantity to carry on automatically counts, alarm in advance, after in groups/inferior quantity knock off.
2.   The computer control burns the knife temperature, may carry on the lock following to the temperature.
3.   The host electrical machinery speed controls with the frequency changer, the revolution steady province electricity, the ease of operation is relaxed.
4.   Light electric eye track, accuracy control system bag size.
5.   Uses the high-level import silica gel conveyor belt, the service life long, makes the bag to be artistic.
6.   The belt dashed line spot breaks the function
7.   The side be sealed is of high strong, very smooth, and good in appearance.

RDY Triangle Flower Bag Making Machine
RDY Triangle Flower Bag Making Machine

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